Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Quality Water Solutions For Your Business

We can design and install a custom Commercial Reverse Osmosis System for manufacturing and other
commercial operations. Whether you need 100 gallons of high-quality water per day, or up to 25,000
gallons, we have you covered! Our water treatment professionals will assess your company’s specific
needs. Then, they will work with you to formulate a plan to provide you with the best water solution. If
you’re ready for the best and most convenient water solutions for your business, simply contact us today to
learn more!

Compact commercial reverse osmosis system


Safe, quality drinking water is not just a luxury for your business – it’s a necessity for both your employees and your customers. Gone are the days where bottled drinking water was the only option to get what you need. Now, you can enjoy great-tasting, quality drinking water right from the tap with our reverse osmosis systems.

System sizes ranging from 100 to 800 gpd (and more) depending on the application.

Here’s what you will enjoy with our Compact Reverse Osmosis systems:

• No waiting for bottled water delivery service
• No lugging of heavy water bottles around the office
• A reliable supply of safe, great-tasting drinking water
• Save money vs. using bottled water
• Installation, maintenance, and repairs are all provided by Pacific Industrial Water Systems

Frame mount commercial reverse osmosis system


Purified Clean Water for Your Business

The PIWS Frame Mount Vertical (FMV) Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to produce high-quality water for Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Car Wash, and Food and Beverage uses. System sizes ranging from 1,800 to 10,800 gpd depending on the application.


  • 5-micron 20 X 4.5 pre-filter
  • Stainless steel multi-stage pump
  • Thin film composite membrane
  • Stainless steel membrane vessel
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Liquid filled high pressure gauge
  • Inlet & outlet pre-filter gauges
  • Adjustable waste & recycle needle valves


  • Expandable 1,800 to 10,800 gallons per day
  • Time delay start
  • Status lamps: power, running, low pressure & tank full
  • Dual level float switches
  • Up to 60% feed flow recovery rate
  • Product & waste flow meters
  • Low pressure switch
  • 110 or 220v-60hz electrical supply
custom commercial reverse osmosis system



The PIWS FMH is the system for customers whose needs simply can’t be met by any other system. The FMH is custom-designed to suit your requirements. This system can be made to produce from 9,000 to 35,000 gpd and can be mounted and plumbed to fit nearly any space or configuration. Pacific Industrial Water Systems uses quality components and you receive optimum performance – the way you want it.

When it comes to your water, Pacific Industrial Water Systems delivers.